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Thursday, 4 August 2016


Are you struggling to come to terms with a missing persons, relative or friend? We at TLD Private Investigators are fully equipped in order to help and track the person in question.

We understand what you are going through as you don’t know what has or is happening to the person involved, so our fully professional investigators are on hand to help and assist you to track and find that missing persons.
When it comes to a missing person, the following will be done in order to trace/track and find that missing person in question.
Please see below as to what we can offer you in order to find that person.
1. MISSING PERSONS SEARCH: This search will help locate people that you have lost track of or are in need of locating.
2. NAME & ADDRESS SEARCH: This search will find the name and current address of the person that you are looking for.
3. SUBJECT VERIFICATION SEARCH: This search will access a new address; verify an existing address and the current occupant.
4. ADDRESS VERIFICATION SEARCH: This search will confirm that the information is correct or supply the name and phone number of the current occupant living at that address.
5. PHONE NUMBER SEARCH: This search can locate the name and address of the individual the phone number is listed to.
6. DEATH RECORDS SEARCH: This search will help you find out I fan individual is deceased by using their name or I.D. number, address and date of birth.
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